Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act Claims

Time is of the essence when pursuing or defending a statutory payment claim. Accordingly, timely advice and properly drafted claims, applications, schedules and responses are important to ensure your interests are secured, in what is often an uncertain and fluctuating area of the law.

Having appeared and acted for clients’ in some of the well-known and seminal authorities, we have the proven experience in drafting:

  1. Payment Claims;
  2. Payment Schedules;
  3. Adjudication Applications; and
  4. Adjudication Responses.

within the strict time limits imposed by legislation and we ensure service of these claims regardless of how large a claim may be.

This type of work requires a significant portion of our resources over a short period of time, which incurs increased costs quickly over a very restricted period. However, due to the shortened nature of the work we understand that legal costs relative to the claim need to be realistic and sensible

Accordingly, we provide you with certainty that the costs of the adjudication process always remains within 4% to 8% of the Adjudication Claim amount for claims over $100,000.00 and for claims up to $100,000.00 we cap our fees at a maximum of $8,000.00.

Don’t leave your claims to the last minute and get us involved sooner rather than later as often doing so can result in a far more cost adverse exercise relative to our earlier involvement. If you need a Payment Claim drafted or need to draft a Payment Schedule call us now.